1st domestic cross-domain cybersecurity cloud service platform


Rule set



Continuous Monitoring

Real-time display of the status of monitoring host

Early Warning

Real-time detection of the latest cybersecurity incident status, early detection of malicious threats

Quick Response

Precisely report abnormal behaviors and quickly notify potential threats


Our Mission

Develop high-value cybersecurity services and create shared value with AI Core and Co-create models,.

Our Plan

Create domestic independent research and development cybersecurity solutions to fill the gap in the domestic cybersecurity industry market

Our Vision

Develop a trust, sharing structure of cybersecurity, service and establish an cybersecurity sharing economy model of Cybersecurity service provider, ICT vendors, system integrator, and Cybersecurity startup

ESM Product

ESM Edge

SecBuzzer ESM Edge


Industrial Cyber Threat Detection (ICTD)


X Network Pure Flow (XNPF)


CMAS Mobile APP Testing Platform


Add-on service

In order to solve the lack of threat intelligence resources for enterprises, SecBuzzer intelligence platform provides multi-source intelligence and built-in analysis modules. Via API interface, SecBuzzer provides intelligence subscription services and customized intelligence resources service which allows companies to keep updated the global cybersecurity news, vulnerabilities, and social media information.
Usually, email is the most common vulnerability for hackers to get into the enterprise to steal confidential information. The Social Engineering Attack Service simulates the hackers’ behavior, send the emails with malware to employees and conduct email alert tests, which can increase colleagues' alertness to unknown emails and improve the mechanism of risk management.
With a large number of encrypted packets, it is difficult for MIS to detect malicious threats. Hackers can hide their tracks and continue to infiltrate or leak sensitive information. The AI engine uses NetFlow technology to reduce the burden of hardware resources, learns normal/abnormal behaviors in advance and builds models to achieve real-time detection of hacker threats.


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